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Every person in their entire life cycle works hard day and night and expects to change their fortune and financial conditions overnight. Few of them succeed and other still work their but off to do that. If you are also one of them who is looking to change your present economical conditions and bring good fortune for your present and future generations then you may get what you are looking for right here. Lotteries are one of the innovative creation of human mind which can make or break one’s fortune if not used wisely. The one and only reason for the creation of this site is to help you building your fortune and live the life you ever saw in dreams.

Kerala Lotteries has brought a huge revolution in the history of Indian lottery schemes. This has become so popular that even other states of India like Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland has started there own lottery system inspired by Kerala’s innovative step. Check your today Kerala lottery result below.

Latest 15 Kerala Lottery Results

16/09/2017Karunya KR-311view
11/08/2017NIRMAL WEEKLY NR-30view
10/08/2017Karunya Plus KN-173view
09/08/2017Akshaya AK-305view
08/08/2017Sthree Sakthi SS-67view
07/08/2017WIN-WIN W-422view
06/08/2017POURNAMI RN-299view
05/08/2017Karunya KR-305view
04/08/2017NIRMAL WEEKLY NR-29view
Karunya Plus KN-172view
02/08/2017Akshaya AK-304view
01/08/2017Sthree Sakthi SS-66view
31/07/2017WIN-WIN W-421view
30/07/2017POURNAMI RN 298view
29/07/2017Karunya KR 304view
28/07/2017NIRMAL WEEKLY NR 28view
27/07/2017Karunya Plus KN 171view
26/07/2017Akshaya AK 303view
25/07/2017Sthree Sakthi SS 65view
24/07/2017WIN-WIN W 420view

22/07/2017Karunya LOTTERY KR 303view
21/07/2017NIRMAL WEEKLY NR 27view
20/07/2017Karunya Plus KN 170view
19/07/2017Akshaya AK 302view
19/07/2017MONSOON BUMPER 2017 BR 56view
18/07/2017Sthree Sakthi SS 64view
17/07/2017WIN-WIN W-419view
16/07/2017POURNAMI RN-296view
15/07/2017Karunya KR-302view
13/07/2017Karunya Plus KN-169view
12/07/2017Akshaya AK-30view
11/11/2017Sthree Sakthi SS-63view
10/07/2017WIN-WIN W-418view
9/07/2017POURNAMI RN 295view
8/07/2017Karunya KR 301view
07/07/2017NIRMAL WEEKLY NR-25view
6/7/2017Karunya Plus KN-168 view
5/7/2017Akshaya AK-300view
4/7/2017Sthree Sakthi SS-62view
3/7/2017WIN-WIN W 417 view
2/7/2017POURNAMI RN 294view
01/07/2017Karunya KR 300 view
30/06/2017Nirmal Weekly NR-24view
29/06/2017Karunya Plus KN 167view
28/06/2017Akshaya AK 299view
27/06/2017Sthree Sakthi SS-61view
26/06/2017WIN-WIN W-416 view
25/06/2017POURNAMI RN-293view
24/06/2017Karunya KR-299 view
22/06/2017Karunya Plus KN-166view
21/06/2017Akshaya LOTTERY NO. AK-298view
20/06/2017Sthree Sakthi SS-60view
19/06/2017WIN-WIN LOTTERY NO. W-415thview
14/11/2016WIN-WIN LOTTERY W-385view
9/11/2016Akshaya AK-266view
8/11/2016Sthree Sakthi SS-28view
7/11/2016Win- win W-384view

History of Kerala’s Lottery Scheme and how did it start :

Before anyone of you start guessing this lottery system as any scam or scheme let us clear you that this is no fraud or scam. Today Kerala state lotteries is one of the most authoritative department in the Kerala state government today,everything from the sale of the lottery tickets to drawing the lottery result is taken care by the Kerala’s government. This initiative was started by the communist government from Kerala so as to increase the governments revenue while benefiting the citizens as well. Hence they came up with a  legalized lottery system plan in 1967 which has been exponentially growing since then.

What has this Lottery initiative done to Kerala government :

Kerala lottery result today | Lottery ticket

We have got this information from many sources that the Kerala state lotteries started with only 20 lakhs in 1967 and has grown to huge amount of 3793 crores in year 2013-2014. This has helped the state grow economically and financially stronger than other states of India. This idea of starting the lottery system in the state was the idea of finance minister of Kerala for that period of time  Shri. P. K.Kunju Sahib. This wonderful concept has helped Kerala state to reduce poverty in the state by providing people with an extra source of income and even increasing the revenue in the government’s treasury.

The Department of Lotteries has a wide distribution network consisting of more than 35,000 agents and above 100,000 retailers. This are the main members in the organizational setup who take care of smooth running of Kerala lottery system. These all employees work under the State directorate which is located at Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram and 14 district offices. A sub-lottery department is functioning at Ernakulam and Punalur, Thamarassery and Kattappana are the center of 3 taluk offices.  The department comes under Tax Department Of Kerala.

How to Check Kerala Lottery Results daily Online :

Everyday Kerala state officials draw the lottery in the presence of a MLA and make the results open to the public by posting the winning lottery ticket numbers in a PDF attachment on the official site of Kerala state lotteries. You can even check the Kerala Lottery result daily by visiting us regularly as we post the result on this site as soon as they are posted on the official site. For making your work more easier you can even subscribe to our newsletters in which we send you all the latest lottery results to your mail id as soon as they are released.

The Kerala state lotteries are carried out everyday with a different prize structure under a different lottery name. Majorly there are two types of lotteries under Kerala state lotteries namely Weekly lotteries, Bumper lotteries. Weekly lotteries are conducted every week with different lottery names namely WIN-WIN Lotteries, POURNAMI Lottery, Karunya, BHAGYANIDHI, Karunya Plus, Akshaya Lottery Result, Sthree Sakthi Lottery. Along with these there are Bumper lotteries as well which gets released on different occasions throughout the year namely Vishu,Thiruvonam, Pooja, X’mas- newyear, Monsoon, Summer.

How to Claim your Won Kerala Lottery prize | Step by Step Guide :

There would be no much happier news for you than winning a lottery and getting a huge amount as a reward. But after winning the lottery you need to beware that you need to claim your winning lottery amount by taking these following steps –

  • You must submit your winning lottery ticket with 30 days of Kerala lottery results announcement.
  • Prizes up to Rs. 1Lakh may be claimed from the District Lottery Offices.
  • Prize winning tickets above Rs.1 Lakh shall be surrendered before the Director of State Lotteries after affixing the signature, name, and address of the prize winner on the back side of the tickets with the following documents.
  • A claim application along with a Photostat copy of both sides of the ticket, self-attested.
  • Two Passport size photographs of the prize-winner duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
  • A receipt for the prize money in the prescribed form affixing a revenue stamp worth Rs.1/- with full address of the prize-winner
  • If the prize winner is a minor, Guardianship certificate from a competent authority.
  • In case of joint claims, one of the prize-winners should be authorized to receive the prize money and a ‘Joint Declaration’ in stamp paper worth Rs. 50/- should be executed.
  • Self-attested copy of the PAN Card.
  • Attested document to prove identity ( Attested copy of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card etc)

To know more on how to claim your lottery winning amount visit the official site —— Here

Kerala Lottery Result Drawing Procedure | How it works ?

Kerala state lotteries draw procedure is on of the most open and automated drawing procedure which has minimized the chances of any gambling or cheating. The drawing procedure always takes place at random places in Kerala in the presence of an MLA, who looks throughout the Lottery draw procedure. The draw procedure was an old model as it was done with the help of drum but as the technology has developed even Kerala State officials brought the modern technology in the Lottery drawing system as well. Here is a Video of Kerala’s modern lottery machine inauguration

Latest Kerala Lottery Advertisement Click the following :

One of the most important fact which differs Kerala state lotteries to other types of lottery system in the country is the way they promote their upcoming lotteries. They releases ads, banner promotions etc and make sure to reach maximum audience and thus successfully run the lottery campaign. Here is a small glimpse of an advertisement run by Kerala lottery officials for Thiruvonam bumper 2016. Do have a look on it and let us know how it was in the comment section below.


Check Kerala Lottery result today right here | Kerala lottery result live now :

So this is how you can check today Kerala lottery result. This blog in not associated with any manners to the Kerala lottery system. This site is updated and maintained by the group of Kerala lotteries enthusiasts and we make sure to provide you with accurate and updated results here but still we are not responsible for any misinformation provided here. All the data displayed here is taken from the official Kerala Gazette board site. The winning lottery ticket number for the respective lottery is released everyday at 3:30 pm here hence to make sure you get the most updated results from Kerala lottery result do make sure you visit us regularly. The best way to keep in touch with the latest updates would be to Sign up to our newsletter, its absolutely free and we will send you all the latest lottery result directly to your inbox. We expect you to keep winning lotteries and giving your part in the development of our nation. Keep supporting us and participating in Kerala lotteries.

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